“Jeremy Brecher’s work is astonishing and refreshing; and, God knows, necessary.”

– Studs Terkel


Common Preservation in Action

Jeremy Brecher

A breath-taking manuscript: I am overwhelmed and beginning to think how I can integrate this into my teaching. [An] enormous contribution to the advancement of know how for common preservation.


11You and I may not know each other, but I suspect there are some problems that we share -- problems like climate change, war, and injustice. For half a century I have been participating in and writing about social movements that address those problems. The purpose of this website is to share what I've learned. I hope it provides something of use to you in addressing our common problems.

For the record, I am the author of more than a dozen books on labor and social movements. I have written and/or produced more than twenty video documentaries. I have participated in movements for nuclear disarmament, civil rights, peace in Vietnam, international labor rights, global economic justice, accountability for war crimes, climate protection, and many others.